THE PERFECT fit has been the desire of fashionistas — especially those with a small waist.

One denim lover has shared her hack for jeans that appear tailor-made without ruining the style.

Audrie Powell posted her style tip to TikTokTikTok/audriepowelll

Audrie Powell is a singer with a style page boasting over 60k followers.

She took to TikTok to share her secret for making jeans look flattering on any shape.

First, she took a shoelace and looped it behind the three loops at the back of her jeans.

She proceeded to tie the lace into a bow and adjusted the jeans as necessary.



I’m a fashion pro – my hack finds the perfect jeans without checking sizes


I range from sizes 8 to 16 – my hack cinches your waist when dresses don’t fit

She turned and faced the camera, giving viewers a look at the clever style tip from the front.

Her waist was perfectly snatched — no belt necessary.

Some commenters were not fully convinced by the hack.

“Till it’s time to sit down,” one naysayer wrote, hinting that the hack would make it difficult to sit in the jeans.

“When you gotta use the bathroom real bad,” another critic wrote.

Others came to the defense of Powell’s hack.

“I do this all the time and it’s not uncomfortable sitting down,” a supporter wrote. “And it’s not uncomfortable sitting down and when using the bathroom you really don’t need to untie it.”

Another viewer named Britany offered advice to Powell on how she felt the look could be improved.

“I think there’s a way to thread the shoelace inside your jeans waistband so it’s like drawstring pants and it’s fully hidden,” Britany suggested.

“I honestly like the look of the shoe lace,” Powell replied.

Her shoelace trick made her jeans fit her waist perfectlyTikTok/audriepowelll

She tied the shoelace on the back three belt loops of her jeansTikTok/audriepowelll

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