WALMART will be remodeling its stores for a whopping $75 million as departments expand, but shoppers who hate self-checkout won’t be as thrilled.

The remodeling projects include expanding Walmart’s pickup, delivery, and express delivery services.

GettyWalmart is spending $75 million on a new remodeling project they hope to achieve by the end of Autumn[/caption]

GettyThe pickup, delivery, and express delivery services will be expanded as well as the self-checkout stations[/caption]

The express service delivers your groceries to your home in only two hours compared to other grocery delivery services.

Twelve stores across West Central Ohio will undergo remodeling projects, which Walmart hopes to complete by the end of autumn.

The stores will get a fresh look with new paint, signage, lighting, and flooring.

Bathrooms and nursing rooms as well as the Vision Center will be updated and departments will expand such as offering summer merchandise year-round.

Walmart will also be expanding its self-checkout stations, which customers may love or hate.

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While self-checkout can be more efficient, the machines could lead to more trouble than they are worth.

A counselor from Arizona said Walmart, specifically, has been linked to bad customer service when it comes to self-checkout monitoring.

Sandra Barger exclusively told The U.S. Sun that “there was one particular Walmart here in Tucson that I was getting a lot of clients [from] … it’s averaging two to three a week.”

These clients were getting charged with petty theft, even when they didn’t mean to steal anything.

Barger heard the same story over and over again – “they forgot to scan something very small,” she said.

The counselor believes some stores should do a better job at monitoring and helping their shoppers at self-checkout, so shoppers don’t get into this mess.

Walmart previously told The U.S. Sun: “Addressing store theft is a challenge for every retailer, including Walmart. To help, we’re continually investing in people, programs and technology for stores combating this problem.

“Should customers have questions or difficulty using our self-checkout registers, we encourage them to ask for assistance from our associates managing that area.”

When talking about the store remodeling, a Walmart spokesperson told the Dayton Daily News that projects are moving quickly.

Jessica Villanueva, a Walmart regional general manager told the outlet:

“These stores serve a substantial number of rural communities, so whether someone is shopping in-store, online, through mobile or Pick Up, our brick-and-mortar stores play an important role in fulfilling those orders.

“These investments will make it easier for our stores and associates to get customers what they want, when they want it.”

Walmart is hoping that these projects won’t disturb customers too much while the stores are under construction.

Felicia McCranie, director of corporate affairs and global communications at Walmart, told the outlet:

“We know some disruptions are impossible to avoid when remodeling a store, but we do our best to reduce or eliminate customer friction as much as possible,

“Including temporary directional signing, relocation of services, and extra associates working the floor to direct customers.”

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