A FRUSTRATED woman has told how her neighbour is refusing to clear the dirty water out of his paddling pool because it’s “too gross.”

The anonymous social media user took to Reddit and shared a snap of the offending paddling pool, which she can see from her upstairs window.

GettyA woman has told how her neighbour is refusing to clear the dirty water out of his paddling pool because it’s “too gross”[/caption]

RedditThe water in the paddling pool is now brown and filled with mosquitoes, the woman claims[/caption]

It appears to be filled with brown-coloured water, with a whole host of dead insects floating on top.

Alongside the image, she penned: “My neighbours won’t clear the dirty water in the pool.

“And now I can see mosquitoes sitting on the water, reproducing.”

The woman went on to explain how she was so fed up of seeing the grim view from outside her window, she decided to talk to her neighbour about it – but was shocked by their response.



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“I tried telling them, but they find it too gross to clean,” she revealed.

The post has been inundated with comments from social media users – with many horrified by the revelation.

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“I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing at this post,” wrote one. “What kind of answer is that ‘it’s too gross to clean’ – god only knows what their house and personal hygiene is like if that’s their outlook.

A second quipped: “Throw a water balloon full of bleach in there.

“Then use the internet to figure out how to make a pea shooter. Then pop the bleach bomb in the dirty water. Presto. No mosquitoes and clean water.”

A third wrote: “‘It’s too gross to clean?’ It’s gonna be worse when those mosquitoes are out and about.”

Elsewhere, others sympathised with the woman after finding themselves in similar situations.

“The guy behind us left his pool empty for about 2-3 years and just let it accumulate rain water and never cleaned it,” recalled one.

It was a stinky mosquito haven and proper f***ed for everybody around him. One guy straight up threatened to sue him before he did something about it.”

A second commented: “I had a roommate who wouldn’t clean her dishes because dish water reminded her of vomit. People are odd.”

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Another added: “My wife has said this several times with her reusable lunch bags. So instead of reusing them, she just throws them away.

“It’s the ultimate in procrastinating and lazy behaviour. Put off cleaning until it’s beyond cleaning. Then it’s no longer her problem.”

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