FROM new uniforms and stationery to stocking up on packed lunches, parents will be dashing out to buy some last minute back-to-school bits for their children ahead of the term.

But one primary school teacher, who goes by the acronym @teaching.rural, has taken to TikTok to reveal the four things she’s grown to hate in the job.

The primary school teacher revealed the five things she’s grown to hateTikTok/@teaching.rural

The early years teacher wishes parents would steer clear of pencil cases similar to the aboveTikTok/@teaching.rural

And there’s one particular pencil case she wishes mums wouldn’t purchase for their kids.

So, are you guilty?

First on the list are non sports cap water bottles.

“Young children especially don’t actually screw the lids back on properly but just sit them on the desk,” she explains. “Inevitably they then fall over and spill.”



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Next in the firing line are lace up shoes.

The early years teacher goes on to give an example of the exact type of pencil case she wishes all parents would avoid buying – any that include a pop out compartment with push button and stationery.

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And finally on her hit list is fruit with skin.

She captioned the post: “Things that annoy me as a teacher…”

The post has since garnered a whopping 256,000 views and been flooded with comments from social media users – with many other teachers also in agreement.

“‘Can you open my bottle for me’ during Covid was the worst,” wrote one.

A second commented: “The bottles are the worst by a mile. Every time they fall over it distracts the kids for 10 minutes or more.”

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A third noted: “Lace ups that are always damp when you retie them.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “Fruit with the skin. Oh I feel this.”

The TikTok user also isn’t a fan of non sports cap water bottlesTikTok/@teaching.rural

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