MUM-OF-TWO Hollie Hutchinson has created a meal plan using Asda’s new Just Essentials range which can feed a family for under £4 a day.

The supermarket has launched a new basic range to help shoppers battling soaring inflation.

Hollie’s plan could save families hundreds of pounds a year

Hollie, 37, who writes the blog, lives in East Yorkshire with her two children Ted, 5 and James, 6.

She said: “I wanted to cut my shopping bill and make sure my kids go to sleep with a full tummy.

“A meal plan helps me budget, now that some of us are counting every last penny”. 

Grocery bills are soaring due to inflation hitting 10%. 



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Some supermarket bosses have reported that shoppers are stopping cashiers once their bill adds up to £30, as they can’t afford to spend more despite spiralling prices.

Hollie added: “We’re not at the point of crisis yet but I do worry, especially ahead of the winter.” 

“I know we need to tighten our belts now and save as much as possible so we don’t have to face the choice between eating and heating when colder weather hits”. 

Hollie has put together a list of shopping adding up to £50, which can feed her family for a fortnight – and works out at £4 a day. 

Some of her meals, such as bangers and mash, work out 29p per day.

Her most expensive meal was a chicken stirfry which costs 71p per portion.

She also used a mix of breakfast meals, such as porridge, toast and cereal.

Plus a mix of lunch dishes to ensure that she provided balanced meals for her kids.

“I found it really hard to get the costs so low and still keep the meals interesting, filling and as nutritious as possible. There’s absolutely no point making a plan that’s affordable but full of meals my kids won’t eat!”

Breakfast is sorted for 14 days

You’ll get six days worth of porridge between three, another six days worth of wheat bisks.

And for the remaining two days the family has toast with spread.

Lunch is also covered for two weeks

On one day the family had a sausage sandwich, maize snack, a raspberry flavour mini roll or a chocolate chip cookie.

For five day, the family had a peanut butter sandwich each, a maize snack and a raspberry flavour mini roll or chocolate chip cookie.

The family could then switch it up and have a ham and beef paste sandwich each, a maize snack and a raspberry flavour mini roll or chocolate chip cookie for four days.

For another four days the family had salmon paste sandwiches, maize snacks and raspberry flavour mini rolls and chocolate chip cookies.

The dinners will keep you fuller for longer

Sausage casserole – feeds four for £1.77

Frozen sausages (x8) – £0.48Onion (x1) – £0.70Mixed vegetables (500g) – £0.36Potatoes (500g) – £0.20Gravy granules (20g) – £0.03

Bangers and mash – feeds four for £1.16

Frozen sausages (x8) – £0.48Beans (1 tin) – £0.25Potatoes (1kg) – £0.40Gravy granules (20g) – £0.03

Cheesy bacon pasta bake – feeds four for £1.75

Cooking bacon (250g) – £0.38Pasta shapes (250g) – £0.18Onion (x1) – £0.07Tinned tomatoes (x2) – £0.64Cheddar cheese (100g) – £0.48

Chicken nuggets and chips – feeds four for £1.57

Chicken nuggets (x20) – £0.85Potatoes (1kg) – £0.40Spaghetti loops (2 tins) – £0.32

Hollie spent just over £50 on nearly 40 items

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Chicken stir fry – feeds four for £2.82

Sweet and sour cooking sauce (1 jar) – £0.42Chicken breasts (240g) – £1.80Rice (500g) – £0.24Frozen mixed vegetables (500g) – £0.36

Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese – feeds four for £1.46

Spaghetti (1kg) – £0.23Frozen mixed vegetables (500g) – £0.36Bolognese sauce (100g) – £0.39Cheddar cheese (100g) – £0.48

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