ARIES find genuine compassion to be the most important connection, and as the first Zodiac sign, are known as the baby in astrology.

Those born under the Aries sign are courageous, competitive, and honest.

GettyAries is the first sign in the Zodiac[/caption]

What are Aries traits?

Aries are compassionate in nature; often known as the baby of the Zodiac signs, meaning they have the rawest needs when it comes to their emotions.

This sign embodies courage and competitiveness, creating an environment where Aries thrives when put in the position to protect others without worrying about themselves.

Their courage transitions to a competitive streak whenever Aries encounters a challenge that they then view as a battle that must be overcome.

However, this streak is just a mask for the insecurity Aries feels underneath their tough exterior.

Despite their insecurities, Aries is uncommonly kind, generous, and honest with all those they know and often wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Who is Aries’ soulmate and who are they sexually attracted to?

Aries are particularly selective about their romantic partners and are naturally drawn to five other Zodiac signs.

Their soulmate consists of fellow fire sign Leo, the air sign, Aquarius, and the unlikely water sign, Scorpio.

Aries and Leo have similar approaches to life and support each other’s wild sides while feeling completely at ease in their companionship.

Although Leo and Aries can butt heads because of their ingrained personalities, their intuitive understanding can help them overcome anything.

The relationship between Aquarius and Aries blossoms as they find their soulmate in each other.

Aquarius is drawn to Aries’ honesty and compassion, feeling comfortable in their presence and allowing them to open up to each other.

Their third astrological soulmate is the Scorpio, whose passion entices Aries. Their only downfall is their tendency to allow jealousy to overcome them.

As far as fulfilling their sexual appetite, Leo fits Aries’ needs.

“Drama will consume the ram’s love affairs,” astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle. “This is why they require partners with flair in the boudoir.”

Flair is something Leo has bountiful amounts of, satisfying the Aries both mentally and physically.

What doesn’t Aries like in a partner?

Aries has two main turnoffs when it comes to a partner – being forced to sit still and disloyalty.

An energetic Zodiac sign, the Aries cannot stand in place and prefer to be constantly on the move.

They thrive around others who carry the same charismatic energy and naturally gravitate to those individuals.

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Aries does not take disloyalty well and strays away from those who are manipulative.

Because they are free-spirited, Aries does not associate with those who are considered controlling and overbearing.

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