SPIRALLING energy bills for millions could force an almighty general strike not seen since the 1920s, trade union chief warns.

As tens of thousands more joined walkouts at BT and Openreach yesterday, Communication Workers Union chief, Dave Ward, said the British people are more sympathetic than ever as they struggle to make ends meet.

AlamyE7PCYW Frustrated young woman looking at bills[/caption]

And more people will join unions as a result to fight for more pay and better conditions, he predicted.

Asked about the mood among union members, Mr Ward told GB News: “I think there’s a mood that things have got to change, I think there’s a mood of solidarity, the likes of which I’ve never seen in my time in the union movement.

“And I do believe that we’ll be discussing policies, about taking forms of collective action.

“The objective of getting the government to take action is separate to the disputes that we’re currently involved in.



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“But the government needs to step in and do something about the cost of living crisis.

“They’re not doing anything and people in the country I think are beginning to realise that things have to change and unions will lead that fight for working people in the absence of any action by political parties.”

Up to 110,000 Royal Mail staff are set to join strikes this week, which comes after several days of strikes on the trains, and underground.
Teachers, doctors and barristers are also set to walk out in the coming months.

Union chiefs are expected to try and coordinate their strikes in future in a bid to cause as much chaos as possible.

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