A DRIVER was gobsmacked to discover that a “cheap” airport parking company took his brand new BMW for a 136-mile joyride.

The motorist posted a shocking video of the car’s damage from the unofficial valet service as a stark warning to others about his terrible mistake.

The shocking video showed the white paintworked scraped and bumped

The TikToker warned other drivers off taking cheap shortcuts

He also claimed how the BMW’s app helped catch the mischievous parkers

He claimed there has been thousands of pounds worth of damage to his vehicle after handing over its keys to the parking service.

The driver thinks the staff spent hours joyriding the luxury car without his permission while he was on holiday – bumping up more than a few faults in the process.

He said he dropped his flashy car off with 150 miles left in the tank – yet alarmingly, the vehicle had only 14 miles left when he returned.

The parking company’s mischief was also revealed by a useful app attached to the new BMW model showing its owner exactly what mischief went on.

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The clip, which he posted on TikTok, rapidly ramped up 1.9million views and 80.2K likes.

The caption doesn’t name the parking company but suggests that the driver chose an uncredited one near Heathrow to cut costs.

He wrote underneath the video, “Never trust ‘cheap’ airport parking”, to the Hip Hop soundtrack “Oh no, oh no, oh no, no no”.

Photos then slide past exposing the awful damage to the car, showing its white bumper scraped and blackened, faulty mechanics on the undercarriage and a shot of the vehicle being towed.

Over the soundtrack a voice reads out the driver’s captions.

It reads: “This is your sign to never ever use an airport valet service.

“Left it with them with 150 miles of range and had left it with 14 miles.

“As it’s a new BMW, it has an app that tells us exactly what they did.

“They took it for a joy ride and have left thousands of pounds worth of damage.

“Just pay the extra money to park it at the official car park, much safer.”

Over 900 TikTok users took to the comment section to express their outrage and disbelief.

One wrote: “I hope you’ve taken / going to take them to court over it. This is insane.”

Another chimed “The damage on that” with a crying face emoji.

Many comments shared similar claims of horror stories with airport parking and valet services, suggesting it’s a nightmare at several terminals in the UK.

Yet others criticised the driver for cutting costs when it came to his expensive car.

One wrote, “Champagne lifestyle lemonade budget”, while another chipped in “The official ones are fine this person wanted to save £20 and yet they have a brand new car”.

Two more joked, “Ferris Buellers day off“, and “You spend all your money on the car?”.

The TikToker’s terrifying video follows a similar story in March about a holidaymaker whose van was taken on a 100-mile joyride and even landed him with a £70 fine.

Back in February, a mum also felt violated when an airport parking valet dropped off her car filled with McDonald’s wrappers and smelling of smoke.

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He said it would cost him a small fortune to repair

One clip showed the car being towed

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