MARRIED At First Sight UK fans all had the same complaint as April and George got married.

They flocked to Twitter to rant about the experts who matched them together after learning about George’s ‘ready-made family.’

Alice and George tied the knot on Married at First Sight

Fans were not happy about the experts match-making

April was left gobsmacked to learn her new husband George had FOUR children.

The Miss Great Britain 2020, 32, was left open-mouthed with his admission.

After they tied the knot, the besotted couple had a chat in the garden during their wedding photos.

He asked her: “Is it just you?”

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She replied that it was and added: “I’m not sure if I want children. Do you?”

“I have four, ” he said, nervously.

George added: “I have three girls and one man.”

April then talked about the ‘pressure’ for a new woman to enter their life.

Fans flocked to Twitter to complain.

One said: “Not sure I would want to take on four kids.”

A second said: “April sees nice, She’s going to s*** herself when she hears he has four kids.”

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A third chimed in: “These so called experts are rubbish at matching people. “

“Could have done better with my eyes closed.”

Fans were then left on a cliffhanger after explosions on their honeymoon.

Miss GB April married George on the E4 show

George has four kids from his former relationship

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