IT can be more than a little frustrating if people mispronounce your name.

But sometimes it’s understandable – especially if you have a moniker that has more than a few variations.

TikTok/mahoganyloxSinger Mahogany Lox took to TikTok to reveal how people sometimes mispronounce her name[/caption]

I’ve got an unusual name and people pronounce it wrong all the time – I don’t even understand one of the common mistakesTikTok/mahoganylox

However, one woman has taken to TikTok to admit she doesn’t understand when people call her one name – which is completely different from her actual name.

“Tell me what your name is and then tell me what people mispronounce it as,” singer Mahogany Lox began.

“I’ll go first.

“My name’s Mahogany and people say Megan.

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“It doesn’t even look the same… I don’t get it!”

In the comments on the video, one person wrote: “Fun fact… my name is Maegan and Microsoft Word tries to correct it to Mahogany!”

“Omg !!!! That’s wild!” Mahogany replied.

“i literally thought your name would be megan and i have no clue why,” another wrote.

Others questioned where the inspiration for Mahogany’s unusual name came from, with one writing: “Her parents really named her after Wood?”

“Why are you wood? Not being mean, just genuinely curious,” another added.

Mahogany replied in another video on her TikTok page, in which she said: “It is time to finally answer the question, why am I named after wood?

“I’m not! I’m actually named after the movie Mahogany, which is my grandpa’s movie, so yeah, that’s where I got my name.”

She showed a poster of 1975 Diana Ross movie Mahogany, which was written and produced by her grandfather Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records.

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“I’m Mahogany as well!!!!! I’m also named after the movie!!!!” someone commented on that video.

To which Mahogany Lox replied: “Ahhh!!! That’s so cool!!”

TikTok/mahoganyloxIn another video, she revealed she was named after the movie Mahogany – which her grandfather Berry Gordy wrote and produced[/caption]

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