Meg believe

MEGHAN’S self-serving “truth” was always dubious. But her fevered imagination has surpassed itself this time.

She claims she could never have done the school run in Britain without enduring an army of photographers. Rubbish.

PASpite is all the Sussexeshave to sell, it’s time to pull the plug and Axe the Sussexes’ titles[/caption]

For years the media has adhered to strict rules against that. How could she possibly not know?

Far more sinisterly, Meghan suddenly invents a new claim that the Press “are calling my children the N-word”.

What a sickening and baseless slur.

Our supposedly racist media greeted her arrival as a royal with unalloyed joy. The Sun considered her a wonderful breath of fresh air and said so.

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Meghan Markle’s estrangement from the Royal Family is worryingly like Diana’s


Piers tears into Meghan over ‘mud slinging’ interview blasting Royal Family

Meghan cries racism because she ­cannot accept the real reasons Britain later turned against her: Her hypocrisy, self-obsession and self-pity.

Her and Harry’s arrogant assumption they could remake the Royal Family to suit them. Her distaste for the graft expected of those whose lives we fund.

Since they fled to California we have seen yet worse traits: Vindictiveness. Disregard for facts. Recklessness with words, enough to anger Nelson ­Mandela’s family yesterday.

The nauseating pretence that they are “victims” and their focus is “compassion” when they are two of the most bitter and destructive people in public life.

Spite is all they have to sell. Only a dwindling few lap up their woke piety.

And they will keep wounding the royals as long as the Family lets them.

Time, then, to pull the plug. Axe the Sussexes’ titles. Cast them adrift.

A dim idea

WHEN will the public give up on the idea “nationalising energy” will solve anything?

Britain cannot afford to buy Shell and BP, the oil producers making humungous war profits.

We could nationalise the retailers (though THEIR profits aren’t the real problem). But if the State bought energy at global prices, then sold it cheap to households, it would lose taxpayers ­billions and could bring on bankruptcy.

Prices are sky-high because there is not enough energy with Putin choking supplies. Everyone wants a solution. But nostalgia for 1970s socialism, which brought only misery and decay, is potty.

Instead, help those who can least afford to pay, funded by a huge tax on the oil giants’ vast and indefensible war profits.

Cheats’ lure

WE don’t just spend millions a day housing illegal migrants we cannot deport.

We blow millions more hiring boats to usher them safely in from the Channel.

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i do

I was on Married At First Sight UK and here’s how you plan your wedding


Pupils to be hit with wooden paddle as schools bring back corporal punishment

Short of mailing out embossed invitations we don’t know what more our Government could do to lure border cheats.

The Tories own this failure. It will cost them millions of votes if they cannot fix it.

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