NO one wants to sacrifice precious items in their wardrobe just because their closet space is small.

College attendee Sarah Farrugia found one space-saving item that allows you to fit more in a small closet than you think.

Sarah Farrugia reveals her tip for saving space in a small closetTikTok/sarahfarrugiaa

All you need is a pack of multifunctional hangersTikTok/sarahfarrugiaa

It’s safe to say not many dorm rooms come with walk-in closets.

And if this is your first year sharing a room with another person, the limited space may be unknown territory for you.

Thankfully, TikTok user Sarah Farrugia found the perfect item that makes moving your stuff into a small closet a bit better.

Sarah posted a video of herself putting her clothes away in her dorm room.



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To create more room in her closet, Sarah uses multifunctional hangers.

On Amazon, these hangers are called Mr. Pen- Space Saving Hangers.

A pack of eight is only $9.85.

The multifunctional hangers allow you to hang five clothing items on one hanger.

Both ends of these hangers have loops that go around the closet rail.

Sarah starts by hooking both ends on the railing.

Then, she hangs her clothing items through the five holes in the middle of the multifunctional hangers.

Before sliding the hanger over to the end of the closet, Sarah removes one end of the hanger.

These hangers allow you to hang multiple clothing items on themTikTok/sarahfarrugiaa

Then, all you have to do is remove one end from the closet railing, and your clothes waterfall downTikTok/sarahfarrugiaa

This creates a waterfall with the other five hangers.

Just five of these multifunctional hangers take up a fraction of the closet space and can hold twenty-five items.

Over 2,000 viewers commented and tagged their friends they knew needed this item.

One viewer suggested: “You can also put multiple tank tops on the same hanger and it saves space without purchasing more things or taking up more hanger space.”

“That’s mad smart,” another person admitted.

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