GOING without a bra feels great, but that’s not all – one expert said it can also protect your health.

In fact, wearing a bra every day can lead to a nasty infection in some circumstances, the pro warned.

GettyWearing a bra every day can actually make you ill, an expert warned[/caption]

According to experts interviewed by Shape, there are a number of benefits to ditching your bra for a few days at a time.

Wearing a bra every day can result in acne, dry skin, and other irritation – in fact, you could even develop a yeast infection on your chest.

Shape spoke to Dr Devika Icecreamwala, who warned that excess sweat can build up on and under your breasts and lead to a yeast infection.

Look for symptoms of irritation, including redness, itching, and an odor on or underneath your breasts.



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If you develop a yeast infection on your breasts, you’ll need to seek treatment just like you would for a similar infection anywhere else.

And you’ll need to skip the bra while you undergo treatment, too, to prevent further irritation, Dr Icecreamwala warned.

“You’ll likely need topical medications to address both yeast and breakouts,” she explained. “Coupled with going braless, these skin problems should resolve within two to four weeks.”

You can avoid a yeast infection, or less-severe problems like chafing and acne, by taking proper care of yourself and your clothes, the experts at Shape said.

Shower daily, and make sure you get your body clean after a workout, using water or wipes to get the sweat off your skin.

Make sure to wash your bras regularly, especially sports bras. Even comfortable, loose-fitting bralettes need to be cleaned often if you wear them in the summer when they may absorb sweat.

In fact, the experts aid, you should take your bra off or change it when it gets wet.

Whether you’re coming inside on a hot day or getting undressed after a workout, give your breasts a breather and put a dry bra on instead of pulling on your damp bra.

If you still have skin irritation, you might want to wash your bras in a gentle laundry detergent made for sensitive skin.

And if all else fails, talk to your dermatologist about finding a body wash or topical lotion that can help soothe your skin.

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