A TikToker has revealed a secret that can change the way fans hop at the retailer.

The unexpected hiding place could unlock unseen merchandise for shoppers.

APTarget superfans could change the way they shop with one TikToker’s Target secret[/caption]

TikTok/[email protected] suggested the secret compartments under Target bottom shelves are full of hidden goodies[/caption]

According to @josiejo98, there’s a possibility of finding rare items in the hidden shelf lift of Target stores.

“So if you go to Target sometimes and you get lucky, you can look underneath where they stock things, and typically there are a lot of really cool old items that people hide under here,” she said.

“Go check it out, happy finding!” the TikToker said at the end of the video that earned 244.6K likes.

It reveals a lift of the bottom shelf, and out pops a few X-Men action figures: Magneto, Gladiator, and Sabretooth.

Magneto’s action figure, presumably the Hasbro one featured in the video, is sold out online.

After a visit to the 42nd Street Target at the heart of NYC’s Time Square, The Sun found that the mythical hidden goods are few and far between.

A bottom shelf of the toy section, similar to the one in the video was found empty except for dust when lifted.

The second shelf lifted up simply had parts of the metal shelf structure underneath.

Target employee Shane called out the myth for what it is.

“We have this,” they said, pulling out an empty, hidden drawer beneath a bottom shelf, “but we use it to store cleaning supplies.”

When asked about the action figures shown in the video, Shane said: “Honestly? Probably planted.”

Viewers were also not so easily charmed by the trick.

“My roommate who works at Target said there’s only trash under there, so if you find it clean it lol.,” TikTok user Angela Ortega said.

“I used to work at Target and this is legit just people hiding stuff and it makes the counts wrong,” Skyler Doyle commented.

James Freshney was not so amused by the secret, adding: “This is typically employees that want to hide stuff until it’s on clearance.”

Two other users warned that the surprise inside isn’t always a good one.

“Literally found a rat,” Bryan Almazon said, while Calvin York added, “I feel like I’d do this and find a rat.”

Target does have a clearance inventory of rarer, “salvage items”, but, according to Customer representative Ryel, these are not located under the shelf like the video indicates.

“We do have some items that were deducted. Those items are some of our salvage items. So we put them as part of our clearance…”

“[these items] are mostly found in the clearance section…We have a clearance section with its own shelf.”

Clearance items are tagged in the store, not hidden out of sight.

“When you go in the store, you would see some of our items have clearance tags on it.”

In response to the waves of alleged Target hacks and secrets that have been making waves on the internet, Shane was skeptical.

“I don’t know any hidden Target secrets,” the employee said. “I wish.”

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