KNOWN for her strict fitness regimen and body-inclusive clothing brand, Khloe Kardashian may have a different diet than you think.

Kardashian fan Naomi Leanage tried the 38-year-old celebrity’s diet for a day, and the meals weren’t quite filling.

YouTubeNaomi Leanage tries Khloe Kardashian’s diet for a day[/caption]

E!The 38-year-old celebrity is said to eat seven “meals” per day[/caption]

Naomi’s known to try different celebrity diets, mainly the Kardashian sisters.

While Kylie’s diet may have included a hearty three meals, Naomi doesn’t find the same for Khloe’s.

Naomi posted a YouTube video documenting a full day of her eating as Khloe would.

She makes seven meals based on the Showbiz CheatSheet article on the Kardashian’s sister’s diet that helps her “stay in shape.”



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Naomi’s morning starts with a protein shake.

Since Naomi didn’t have any whey protein powder, she uses ground flax seed instead.

She mixes the flax seed with one tablespoon of almond butter and some mixed frozen fruit.

“Her second meal of the day, which is really just a snack, but they called it a meal in the article, is a banana or apple,” Naomi explains.

Thankfully, lunch is chicken breast with veggies: an actual full meal.

Naomi sautees some broccoli, zucchini, and red onion in a pan.

“She also has a salad, high in iron, like beetroot or spinach,” she explains.

Naomi chooses to go the spinach route and mixes the agrees with some cut-up strawberries, walnuts, and shredded parmesan.

YouTubeBreakfast is a simple protein shake followed by a banana or apple[/caption]

Lunch throws some veggies in the mix and adds a salad high in ironYouTube

Khloe only allows herself 12 almonds with a cup of tomatoesYouTube

Moving on to the next “meal,” Khloe typically eats a cup of cherry tomatoes with “exactly 12 almonds.”

“Khloe’s fifth meal consists of a shocker, more vegetables,” Naomi continues.

This time, the vegetable is raw celery.

Naomi skips Khloe’s typical egg she eats alongside the celery.

For dinner, she has “fatty fish.”

And dinner has to have a “fatty fish”YouTube

According to Naomi, Khloe usually chooses between “salmon, sea bass, black cod, or arctic char.”

Naomi opts for salmon.

She fixes herself a side of leafy greens and sliced cucumbers as well.

“And finally, what’s considered as her seventh meal of the day is a piece of fruit of her choice,” Naomi explains.

One orange it is.

Viewers saw Khloe’s daily food intake as less than the article frames it to be.

“I’m feeling like these are only 2 meals a day lol… the other ones are just a few fruits and vegetables,” one viewer noted, while another wrote: “If we all gonna count snacks as meals I eat 12 meals a day.”

YouTubeNaomi is feeling like Khloe after the last “meal”[/caption]

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