Would you trust your friend enough to dye your hair?

One TikTok user shared the traumatizing tale of hair dyeing gone wrong — and how it forever damaged their locks.

Hair stylist @lollyrot shared a dye-job horror story on TikTokTikTok/lollyrot

The TikToker was left with damaged, “crispy” hairTikTok/lollyrot

Digital creator @lollyrot posted the hair saga to TikTok, detailing the intense, irreversible damage their friend created.

“For starters, let’s look at some of the damage,” they started, pulling up a lump of bleached hair.

“Check out what we got going on,” they added, removing a towel wrap and debuting thin, bleached strands.

“Oh yeah — that’s crispy,” they noted.

The TikToker shared that they cried — a lot — after seeing the damaged end product.

“I’ve actually already brushed it a couple of times,” they explained, struggling to run a comb through their rubbery hair.

They explained that what little hair they had left would fall out eventually, pulling up the brush filled with more damaged strands.

“Now, before any of you come for me, I did not do this to myself,” they said.

“I’m a licensed stylist, I’ve been licensed for nearly seven years, and doing hair for nearly seventeen,” they added.

The hair expert gathered six different conditioners and three oil products into a bowl to attempt to revive their damaged locks.

“We’re gonna put this in my hair and pray,” they said.

As the TikToker slathered this mixture into their hair, strands of bleached locks fell out.

The chemically treated hair kept falling out in clumpsTikTok/lollyrot

“Now we’re going to leave this cap on it until I feel like I’m not gonna cry,” they shared.

After sobbing and letting the conditioner settle in, the digital creator revealed frizzy, bleached hair.

“I already did cut quite a bit of it off because it was rubber and would not dry,” they shared. “Realistically, we need to cut a lot more.”

“I don’t want to do that because I have very low self-esteem,” they said.

“So instead, we’re going to pack a color onto it and hope it fixes something.”

The TikToker documented the repair process, including a deep condition and cutTikTok/lollyrot

The TikToker revealed pink hair the following day. “Most of it’s still really crispy and I don’t think I can take any more length of without crying.”

“I’m trying to remain positive but I am not okay right now.”

The hair pro ended up chopping off the dead ends and salvaging their locks.

TikTok users ran to the comments, adding their own thoughts and opinions.

One troll commented: “It was giving doodlebop.”

Another felt wrote: “It hits so different when someone else screws up your hair, because at least if you do it the only person to blame is yourself.”

Another chimed in with a positive comment: “The end look considering how damaged your hair was at the start is AMAZING!”

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