AFTER calling off her engagement, one woman said she learned valuable lessons about how to navigate relationships in the future.

She was brutally honest about how her ex-partner treated her during the engagement and after the harsh breakup, during which she lost friends and faced criticism.

Dannielle Norman shared the lessons she learned during and after her engagementTikTok

Relationship coach Dannielle Norman called off her engagement with an ex-partner six months before their wedding.

After five and a half years together, the breakup changed Norman’s life – but she told her TikTok followers about the valuable lessons she learned.

In her next relationship, Norman said, she “would never ignore feeling physically sick when they proposed and quite queasy at the thought of marrying them.”

Although it seems straightforward in hindsight, at the time, the ex-bride-to-be thought it was just pre-wedding jitters.



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Even when Norman did try to broach the topic, she said, her ex would be unwilling to listen.

They would normally respond by turning on Norman, she said, asking questions like: “So you don’t want to marry me? How do you think that makes me feel?”

“In case anyone’s lost on it, that is not a healthy way for that conversation to go,” she said with a wry smile.

In the months following her break-up, she said, her ex “controlled the narrative” and made people choose whose “side” to be on.

“I called off my wedding for a number of reasons,” she explained, but her ex refused to shoulder any of the blame.

“The person I had been with told their family, friends, all our mutuals, and the community we’d been involced in that it was because I had a mental breakdown,” she told her viewers.

Even though it wasn’t just her romantic relationship that was ruined, Norman said she was grateful that she didn’t need to justify her decisions to people who might have judged her.

“I lost friends, I got uninvited from weddings,” she recalled. “I had my name dragged through the mud.”

According to Norman, her ex-partner got upset when she brought up her anxietyTikTok

But she knew the truth, Norman said, and that was all that mattered.

She had a couple more pieces of advice for anyone who is considering getting married soon.

“I would never just let someone pick a ring for me and just tell me to stick with it,” she advised.

Even though her ring didn’t suit her, Norman’s ex-partner got upset any time she discussed swapping it for something different.

Norman said her ex even refused to consider getting the ring resized to fit her properly.

“It does not matter what you’ve already put a deposit on, how many outfits you’ve already bought, whether invitations have gone out,” Norman said.

If you don’t want to get married, she said, don’t do it – and don’t let others talk you into staying out of “convenience.”

“No one is under any obligation to marry someone, no matter what stage of the engagement you’re in,” she said.

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