LINDA finally gets her revenge on Janine by punching her and accuses her of getting her daughter Annie taken away by social services.

The recovering alcoholic (played by Linda Bright) was left devastated when anonymous caller contacted social services and planted empty bottles in her flat.

BBCLinda accuses Janine for calling social services[/caption]

BBCJanine plays innocent[/caption]

Linda was determined to find out who called them in Tuesday’s episode of the BBC soap.

She accused her roommates Martin, Sharon, Zack and Jada for being the anonymous caller and setting her up.

But Sharon protested that they have all had her back.

Viewers know that Janine blackmailed Jada into her scheming and framing.

But when Linda accused Janine of calling social services, she played innocent.

Linda punched Janine in the nose and explained: “I don’t know anyone else that can be that vindictive,” adding “I know it was you.”

Janine replied: “I’m not the only one disgusted by your behaviour.

“You obviously don’t know people around here very well do you.

“All I know is Annie is better off away from you just like the rest of your kids.”



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A furious Linda lunged for Janine and grabbed her throat as she shouted: “You b****!”

As Janine struggled to loosen Linda’s grip on her, Mick stormed in to rip Linda away from Janine.

Linda told Mick: “It was her. It was her that called the police, who got Annie taken away.”

But Janine managed to convince Mick and Linda that she wouldn’t take a daughter away from their mother as she know how “painful” that feels.

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She even swears on her daughter Scarlett’s life that she didn’t call social services on Linda and is “telling the truth.”

Janine added: “I know you would love it to be me but it wasn’t. Someone else made that call.”

She threatened to call the police about Linda attacking her, but Mick said how it would make their situation worse and Janine agreed, acting like she’s on their side.

Later in the Queen Vic, Mick told Linda to “stop accusing” people and “focus on getting Annie back.”

Fans were rooting for Linda finally giving Janine what she deserved in their fiery brawl.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “GO ON LINDA!”

Another wrote: “I think that punch was for the whole nation. Nice one Linda.”

A third penned: “This linda and janine fued is the best one in YEARS.”

BBCViewers know Janine is hiding behind Jada who is doing her dirty work for her[/caption]

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