CELEBRITY MasterChef fans were gobsmacked after Kitty Scott-Claus served up TWO raw dishes tonight.

Five more contestants took part on the BBC One competition – actor Adam Pearson, Strictly dancer Katya Jones, RuPaul star Kitty Scott-Claus, model and presenter Lisa Snowdon and ex-Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas.

Kitty Scott-Claus horrified viewers with her raw dishesBBC

BBCThe drag performer stunned the judges with her undercooked fish tacos[/caption]

TV chefs John Torode and Greg Wallace tasked the celebrities with a challenge called ‘Under the Cloche’, using one star ingredient picked by the judges.

Drag performer Kitty kicked things off by confusing an aubergine with a courgette.

She served bake plaice with griddled aubergine, asparagus and red peppers, dressed with garlic, lemon and olive oil.

After taking one bite, Greg said: “I like the way you cooked your fish, I think you could have been more delicate trying to get the fillets off because they’re smashed around a bit.


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“Your griddled vegetables, they work, the sweet pepper, bit of charring, I don’t mind that.

“The aubergines are really undercooked.”

Kitty then revealed: “I did think it was a courgette until I cut into it.”

The group were then challenged to make fish tacos from scratch by identifying the ingredients from a taste test.

Viewers were baffled by Kitty’s cooking skills, after she served up raw fish tacos in the second round.

Greg praised her on her flavours and seasoning, but quickly added: “I’m sorry to say, some of this fish isn’t cooked.”

Kitty gasped at Greg’s comments, he continued: “You’ve got bits here that are still translucent, you can see through them.”

John agreed saying: “I was fortunate as I got a bit of fish that was cooked, but these tortillas aren’t and they are too thick.”

Speaking to the camera later on, Kitty confessed: “Really ballsed that fish up, didn’t I? Like, it wasn’t cooked!

“In a word, pretty rough.”

Fans were gobsmacked by Kitty’s raw dishes.

One wrote: “Kitty doesn’t seem to know a single thing about cooking, which on a cookery show is a bit of an issue.”

Another posted: “Kitty trying to bump off the judges by serving raw food in both her dishes. #MasterChef”

A third said: “Stick to the performing Kitty, her food is raw and inedible. #MasterChef”

Unfortunately, Adam was the first contestant to be given the boot, with the other four making it through to the next round.

A surprised Kitty told viewers: “I’m thrilled! I can’t believe it!

“Oh my god! Bring on week two!”

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Next time, the four celebrities are back to face three intense challenges as they fight for a quarterfinal place.

Celebrity MasterChef continues on Thursday at 8pm.

The tacos were also rawBBC

Kitty left fans open-mouthed when she mistook a courgette for an aubergineBBC

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