WHETHER you’re a fan of feng shui or just hoping to elevate the interior of your home, there’s a universal way to layout your home.

A TikToker and interior design expert has shared the ideal way to design your home.

TikTok user Isabellasloft shared a interior design technique that elevates the style of your homeTikTok/isabellasloft

TikTok user Isabella, known to her followers as Isabellasloft, revealed to her followers that the key to making your home look more expensive is symmetry.

“Interior designers use a technique called reflectional symmetry,” the expert told her followers.

She explained: “Basically if you were to cut the design in half, the left and the right sides would be identical.”

“Use this technique to create balance, comfort, and rhythm in your home,” Isabella advised viewers.

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According to Worst Room, interior design symmetry refers to both weight and space.

The experts explained: “You can’t always achieve symmetry of space but you can balance it out with weight and color.”

“When we say symmetry, the center line we’re concerned with balancing around is the middle of your bed,” they added.

The interior design pros continued: “That doesn’t mean you must go buy a second side table if you only have one. Just keep equal space on both sides of the bed as a general rule.”

The experts suggested placing a dresser on one side of your bed, but further away than a side table to create both harmony and symmetry.

“You want symmetry not only on both sides of the bed, but in 360 degrees around the center of the room too. Artwork will help you achieve this,” they advised.

TikTok/isabellasloftIsabella showed her followers examples of reflectional symmetry in her home[/caption]

TikTok/isabellasloftExperts advise using your bed as the center line when it comes to applying symmetry in your bedroom[/caption]

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