THEY’RE the brainteaser pictures that never get old.

And in the latest one, you’re being asked to see if you can spot the cute seahorse almost completely camouflaged by its underwater surroundings.

Caters News AgencyCan you find the seahorse hidden in the coral?[/caption]

So, what do you think? Any guesses?

It’s particularly tricky because you might usually think of seahorses being brightly hued and really standing out from their background.

Not so with this one, which couldn’t be more hidden.

The seahorse is the same shade of pink as the coral in which it’s hiding, making it quite easy to blend in.

What’s more, it has a similar bumpy texture, making it almost impossible to spot.

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The creature in the pictures is a pygmy seahorse, which are quite tiny.

Even when fully grown, they usually measure less than two centimeters, so it’s not surprising they find it so easy to stay hidden.

Pygmy seahorses are found in Southeast Asia in the Coral Triangle area.

They are especially known for their unbelievable camouflaging abilities.

Still haven’t spotted it? It’s nearly smack dab in the center of the photo.

We’ve circled it in the picture below.

Similar brainteasers have challenged viewers to find hidden animals, like one with a sneaky cheetah hidden while its stalks its prey.

In another picture puzzle, there’s a leopard hiding in the mountain.

CatersThe creature in the pictures is a pygmy seahorse, which has an incredible ability to camouflage itself[/caption]

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