THIS is the moment a desperate dad frantically scampers about trying to secure as many sunbeds as possible at a hotel.

In the brief clip filmed earlier today, the man in a t-shirt and shorts can first be seen rushing in from the left-hand side and clutching a pile of towels.

NewsflareThe man frantically plonks a number of towels down on sunbeds as other hotel guests start to arrive at the pool[/caption]

NewsflareThe desperate dad dashes across the pool to secure the sunbeds[/caption]

He then throws one towel each other a number of sunbeds close to the hotel swimming pool in Tenerife, Spain, as other holidaymakers approach.

After putting a towel each on three sunloungers, he then turns to his left and throws down a towel each on two more.

With the summer holiday season in full swing, so-called sun lounger wars have already broken out at a number of destinations as hotel guests battle to secure a prime spot by the pool.

Earlier this years, a TikTok user was left in shock by the site of guests scrambling for a sunbed at a resort in Fuerteventura.

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Desperate Brits lay towels on GROUND at 5am to reserve 9am sunbeds

In the video, families are seen queueing outside of a fence in the morning.

A hotel worker then comes to the gate to let them in, to which they all push through with their towels and bags as they spring.

Kids are even seen dragging some of their family members to get to the beds.

The TikTok user added in the comments: “It’s mad, I’ve never seen anything like it!”

The battle for hotel sun beds is a well-documented scrap and has been happening for years.

In another incident earlier this month, a TikTok user caught the moment tourists ran to grab a sunbed while on holiday in Majorca .

In the video, tourists with towels and inflatables are caught dashing for the swimming pool to reserve the sunbeds.

Within seconds, all of the sun loungers are taken with towels and bags put on top of them.

One person wrote: “That’s really sad that people would go to that lengths just to get a chair at the pool.”

Another holidaymaker tried to shame sun bed hoggers by filming them laying out towels at a hotel first thing in the morning.

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At some hotels, Brits have resorted to lying their towels on the ground at 5am – even though they can’t reserve the sunbeds until 9am – to make sure they are first in line.

Some hotels have their own ways of dealing with it, like throwing towels off the beds if no one uses them for a certain amount of time.

NewsflareThe dad throws down even more towels as hotel guests arrive for a day at the pool[/caption]

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