WE ALL love our pets – but sometimes, our furniture doesn’t.

From fur all over the cushions to cat scratched down your beloved dining table.

She revealed the simple way she keeps her cat from scratching up her furnitureTikTok/@jojaandpon

But thankfully a cat owner has revealed the simple trick she uses to stop her cats from clawing at all the furniture in sight.

And the best part? It will only set you back £1.

There are ways to buy furniture covers to stop it from being damaged permanently.

But this clever hack won’t ruin the appearance of your furniture.



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Posting to her TikTok account, Joja and Pon, she revealed that cats hate the smell of white pepper.

She demonstrates how her cat instantly turns away when she opens the tube of pepper.

To use it on furniture, she simply takes a small amount and rubs it onto her sofa chair.

The odour of the white pepper stops her cat from wanting to go near the leg chair and scratching it.

The video has since been viewed over three million times and viewers were seriously impressed.

One wrote: “I’m so trying this… thank you.”

“Hope it helps also any citrus sprays like lemon or orange work well too. And having a scratching post nearby,” she advised.

Another commented: “Need to try this as my sofa and carpets are deeeestroyed and nothing has worked so far.”

A third penned: “Oooooooh game changer.”

Meanwhile a fourth added: “I’ll try this, one of my cats it’s constantly clawing my sofa and bed.”

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She revealed that cats do need somewhere to scratch – so it’s best to buy them a scratching post to keep them entertained and their claws filed down.

You can buy white pepper from most supermarkets for just £1.

The odour from the white pepper deters cats form the fabricTikTok/@jojaandpon

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