ONE style master understands the struggle of finding clothes that compliment an expansive upper frame.

Dressing an inverted triangle body shape is Hannah Chan’s daily routine, and for other board-shouldered women, she described the tops you should be avoiding.

Hannah Chan gives viewers advice on what tops you should avoid if you have broad shouldersTikTok

Replace thin straps with thick strapsTikTok

If you follow Hannah’s TikTok, you know her to share more dating tips than fashion.

Nonetheless, she focuses all content on helping viewers learn from her experiences, whether it’s relationships or style mishaps.

Hannah’s recent video is part one of a new TikTok series she’s making: “How to dress for your body type.”

This first video is for women with broad figures.

“I have broad shoulders / inverted triangle body shape and this is what I wear (and avoid),” she says.

In the video, she focuses specifically on styles of tops.

Getting rid of thin strap tops is Hannah’s number one piece of advice.

She suggests a thicker strap to cover more area on the shoulders to flatter your figure.

“Any top that cuts off at the shoulders will make you look even broader,” she continues.

High neckline tops with deep cuts into the sides of the shoulders do the same.

“It exposes the shoulders – it’s also a no,” Hannah says.

Following the same rule, tops with volume or detail in the shoulders only contribute to the broadness.

Stay away from tops that expose the shoulders, she saysTikTok

Shoulder volume draws attention to the broadnessTikTok

“Op for V-necks that draw the eye down,” she suggests.

One commenter questioned Hannah’s opinion on off-the-shoulder tops.

“I don’t know the off-the-shoulder is very flattering to me and I have broad shoulders,” she wrote, to which Hannah replied: “I have broad shoulders too, off-shoulder accentuates them since it’s a horizontal cut-across, and it will emphasize the width.”

Other viewers trusted Hannah’s advice and urged her to cover more body shapes.

“Pear shape please,” one woman commented.

Another viewer added: “Can you please do Apple body?”

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