STUART Highway gets news about his cancer as he makes a decision about his post-natal depression in EastEnders next week.

The undertaker – played by Ricky Champ in the BBC soap – was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

BBCEastEnders’ Stuart Highway was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year[/caption]

In recent months viewers have watched Stuart struggling to come to terms with his illness.

At the start of the week he feels all over the place and manages to forget important details about Avery Baker’s funeral.

Stuart’s brother Callum starts to worry about his behaviour.

Meanwhile later on in the week Stuart attends a hospital appointment – where he gets an update on his diagnosis.

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Stuart later goes missing and Callum, Karen and Vi Taylor go looking for him.

When they finally cross paths, they realise that Stuart isn’t in a good way and ask him how his appointment went.

Considering his behaviour, they expect bad news, however Stuart explains to them that he was given the all clear.

He soon opens up to Karen about how he’s feeling and explains why he’s been acting the way he has been.

Stuart fights back the tears as he talks about what’s been going on behind closed doors.

He confesses that Rainie is now the one with parental rights an their relationship is about to collapse.

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Karen tries to help Stuart see sense by highlighting that he could be feeling the way he does because of his postnatal depression.

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