THE knife you use to cut your avocado could be impacting how long your fruit lasts.

It’s been revealed that using the wrong knife can actually cause your avocado to turn brown faster.

GettyIt’s been revealed that the knife you’re using might cause avocado to turn brown faster[/caption]

The lifespan of an avocado’s freshness can be prematurely shortened by using the wrong knife

All Recipes says: “Metal knives, specifically knives containing copper and iron (which is any stainless steel knife), will start the avocado’s browning process sooner than other materials.”

Anyone who’s cut an avocado with the intention of saving half of it for later likely already knows the struggle.

The half you saved for later might already develop brown spots after just a few hours.

The oxygen in the air causes brown spots to show up once it meets the enzymes in the fruit – but metal knives speed the process up in a major way.

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Biochemist Anne Marie Helmenstine told ThoughtCo. that the process is called oxidation.

She says it naturally occurs when a molecule or atom is exposed to an increased level of oxygen.

From there, it begins losing electrons, which causes a change in color.

If metal knives aren’t ideal to use, what should be used instead to prevent this problem?

It turns out that using plastic or ceramic knives can lead to long later avocados.

Another way to slow the browning process of an avocado is with the help of onions.

All you have to do is slice an onion up and add it to the same sealed container where you’re holding your avocado.

Adding some garlic to your avocado container before sealing is another smart option due to the unique sulfur compounds found in garlic.

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Brushing the exposed sides of your avocado with olive oil is another route you might want to take.

Additionally, you can also consider brushing the sides with lemon juice.

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