CAN you spot the owl playing a game of hide and tweet?

The perfectly camouflaged owl is concealed in the tree as its feathers blend seamlessly with the bark.

Caters News AgencyA little grey owl is hidden between the branches[/caption]

The owl is an African Scops owl, a small owl found only in sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s almost impossible to spot as it perches on a tree branch.

The images were captured by Roan du Plessis, a safari guide at & Beyond’s Ngala Safari Lodge, a private game reserve in South Africa, where he lives and works.

Roan took the photos in 2016 in a bid to show visitors to the safari park just how skilled the reserve’s trackers are when it comes to being able to spot animals.



You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the bird hiding among the rocks

He said: “I take guests on luxury safaris for a living.

“I would by no means consider myself a professional photographer, but the opportunities for capturing amazing photos are endless because of what I do.

“I was on safari with guests when I took these photos. I wanted to demonstrate how incredible the trackers are at spotting animals.”

Roan spends his life surrounded by these nifty animals who have evolved specifically to make themselves almost invisible amongst the trees.

“I like the composition and colors of the photos and how it demonstrates the potential camouflage of these vulnerable predators.

“It’s not unlikely that I would be able to take more photos like this one because this is typical behavior for the Scops owl. That is, of course, if we can find them,” he added.

Still having trouble trying to spot the owl?

If you take a close look at the center of the picture, you might be able to spot it.

The African owl is so perfectly camouflaged that it’s almost impossible to see it.

On closer inspection, you can begin to see the outline of the bird, but this little creature has been driving people crazy.

Caters News AgencyThe owl is tucked away to the right of the tree[/caption]

Caters News AgencyWhen you know where the owl is, it is much easier to spot[/caption]

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