IT’S easy to get swept up in the excitement of planning a wedding, and be tempted to spend more than you normally would – or had planned to.

But as wedding planners who’ve organised and seen hundreds of fancy affairs between them, these industry experts know what’s really worth the splurge.

Georgie Davies started her business Georgina Rose Events in 2020, and has been in the industry for ten years

Poppy from Poppy Sienne Events shared the few things you shouldn’t bother spending money on for your wedding

As a bride or groom-to-be, every minor detail counts in the lead-up, but on the wedding day, you might barely notice some aspects.

And as for your guests, well, there are few things they often remember post-event, and the rest is a blur – so here’s what REALLY counts.

Things guests REALLY care about

1. Music and entertainment

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Georgie Davies, 30, from Georgina Rose Events said you can never have too much music.

“Spend the money on that band you’ve had your eye on,” she said, even if they’re pricey.

Poppy from Poppy Sienne Events agrees and says: “A band/DJ that isn’t very interactive will be remembered and possibly put a dampener on the day.”

So make your music a priority and your guests will have a ball.

2. The personal touches

What makes your wedding stand out from the next?

“It’s the things that only make sense to [the bride and groom],” says Georgie, who launched her own business in 2020.

So if you met online, showcase that. Proposed in Italy? Include Italian food.

It’s a great way for the guests to learn even more about your relationship which will be different to any other.

“Nothing is out of the question,” she says.

3. Your attitude

All of your guests will remember you both, you are the centre of the day – so bring the vibe,” Georgie says.

If you’re spending the day stressing about every little detail, guests will notice and you’ll certainly kill the mood.

Let loose, have fun and enjoy every moment because that’s what your friends and family will remember.

4. The food

People love to eat so it goes without saying that the food you choose is important.

“Guests will remember a good meal,” says Poppy. “But likewise, they will also remember if it wasn’t so good, so choose your caterers wisely.”

But don’t bother with fancy, deconstructed food and things made to impress.

“Pick substance over finesse,” says Georgie who agrees your food will make or break.

Things that don’t matter (they’re a waste of money)

Poppy reckons there are some things that brides and grooms really shouldn’t bother with as they don’t really add anything extra to your day.

While Georgia agrees, she says “weddings are a super personal affair” so if you really want something then “stick to your guns”.

1. Favours

Wedding favours are a great gesture and designed as a small thank you to your guests – but the experts say don’t bother.

“If you really want these, then go for food/drink favours as they will actually get ‘used’ on the day,” says Poppy.

“Otherwise, little trinkets with your name & wedding date on them unfortunately just won’t be kept by your guests and will most likely be left on the table.”

2. Cake

Traditionally, the bigger the cake the better the affair but this is no longer the case.

If you’re on a tight budget, Poppy says you can go without a cake, or simply use it as dessert.

“Most of the time guests don’t actually eat it and you either get left with a mountain of cake to take home or it gets thrown in the bin,” she says.

3. Wedding shoes

Many brides put in as much effort to pick out the perfect pair of shoes as they do for their dress, and some wedding shoes can cost a bomb.

“You’ll wear them for 10 minutes for a photo, and no one cares,” says Georgie. So buy a budget pair, or wear some you already own.

4. Decor

We’re all about the Pinterest-worthy reception set up with tablescapes dressed with floral arrangements and endless candles or vases.

And although guests will remember a pretty wedding when they see one, it might not be worth the money.

“Guests will not remember all the tiny details that you have put hours of thought into, think about the bigger picture,” says Poppy.

5. Stationary

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As much as you think guests will gush over your fancy wedding invites or individual place cards that cost you thousands, they probably won’t – and they certainly won’t keep them.

“Instead of having a menu each, maybe have one or two per table,” Poppy suggests and it’ll no doubt save you a tonne of money you can spend elsewhere.

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