DEAR DEIDRE: PEOPLE have told me my breath stinks, even though I clean my teeth twice a day.

It’s so embarrassed that now I don’t want to get too close to anyone.

I’ve tried chewing gum, Extra Strong Mints and avoiding spicy food

I’m a single guy of 32 and it’s horrible when people recoil from me.

I’m starting to lose all my confidence.

The problem started a few months ago.

I only learned the reason when I asked a colleague, and he told me bluntly: “You stink, mate. You need to cut out the garlic.”

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But I’ve tried chewing gum, Extra Strong Mints and avoiding spicy food, and the problem hasn’t gone away.

I can’t smell anything myself, and I don’t know what to do.

DEIDRE SAYS: If you are worried about the smell of your saliva or breath, you must make an appointment to see your dentist.

Having bad breath is very common and can be caused by various issues, including gum disease or tooth decay.

Bacteria then builds up in your mouth and can cause a stink.



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Make sure you drink lots of water every day, as dehydration doesn’t help.

If this isn’t a dental issue, it could be caused by a medication you are taking, or a health problem, so do see your GP.

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