ONE little boy may have a tough life ahead of him thanks to the “unique” baby name his parents picked.

The name – which is also a word – isn’t one that most law-abiding citizens would want to be associated with.

GettySome parents spend a lot of time deciding what to name their baby[/caption]

GettyReddit user Anonymousnobody9 posted a photo that revealed a baby’s name to be Cartel[/caption]

A Reddit user who goes by Anonymousnobody9 posted a screenshot of an Instagram post about the baby’s birthday party on Reddit.

The photo shows a baby boy next to a tall white cake with a decorative topper.

The cake topper marks his date of birth, Feb 18, 2021.

It also says his unusual name, written in white.



Baby name’s so bad people say it ‘hurts,’ but the middle name’s even WORSE

The boy’s parents named him Cartel.

“Not great to associate your kid with drug lords,” the Reddit user wrote.

This alarming and unusual name choice left other Reddit users baffled.

One person commented: “He’s going to have a fun time if he ever has to go through airport security.”

“Maybe his parents want him to be one in the future,” another user joked.

One stunned viewer didn’t find the name as funny.

Instead, they commented: “I don’t like this baby name. Please don’t mind what I’m trying to say, cause I’m being honest.”

But the name wasn’t the only part that concerned viewers.

Cartel’s beige-themed birthday bothered them as well.

“Why is this poor kid’s birthday party so…beige?” one user questioned.

“It’s a bit depressing; colors are stimulating for kids and contrast helps build visual pathways in the newborn,” another replied.

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