GETTING the laundry done doesn’t mean you have to end up with a sticky detergent mess each time.

One woman has revealed the simple solution she relies on when washing her clothes.

YouTubeA woman named Shannon shares her laundry cap hack on TikTok[/caption]

She has a simple solution for handling sticky detergent cupsYouTube

YouTuber and cleaning expert Shannon is popular on social media for her insightful knowledge and ideas.

She starts her video by saying: “This is one of those hacks that’s so simple and when I saw it, I could not believe it.

“You know how laundry detergent cups are always so sticky?” she asks.

She holds up the clear plastic cup that comes with laundry detergent containers for pouring measurements.

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She shows off how sticky it is with a coat of blue, soapy liquid all over it.

“I had no idea you could drop them in your washing machine and wash them with your clothes!” she says.

In the video, Shannon tosses the cup in with the wash with her load of apparel.

At the end of the clip, she pulls it out to show how clean it is without any visible residue or stickiness.

Rinsing laundry cups can take quite a bit of time since they tend to bubble up for what feels like forever.

The process of hand-rinsing them also leads to sticky spillage onto your hands.

Washing the laundry cups with your clothing is a simple solution to avoid all of that.

A few people have responded to the video in Shannon’s comment section.

One woman wrote: “Love this hack. I do this every time. Except sometimes I forget I threw it in and it goes through the dryer too.”

“I would [also] clean it out with the water for the washing machine,” someone else said.

Shannon washes the cup with her laundry to avoid a sticky messYouTube

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