WITH the cost of living soaring and a hosepipe ban set to affect some of the country loads of Brits are trying to use less water.

A savvy mum shared her clever trick to make the most out of her bathwater and people love the idea.

tiktok./@fortyfab0The mum’s trick will save water and money[/caption]

Posting the clip on TikTok, @fortyfab0 captioned the clip: “No wasting water here! My husband taught me this hack, handy when you wanna keep your garden healthy.”

She said: “I’ve just had a lovely bath but there’s a lot of water I don’t want to waste.”

The mum pulled her garden hosepipe up through the window to easily move the water from the bath to a container in her back garden.

She put the end you you usually attach to a tap in the bath while her husband sucked on the other end to get the water flowing.

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“Gravity takes over and the water flows from your tub into your water butt,” she said.

If you don’t have a hosepipe, or if your bathroom window isn’t in the back of the house, you could always fill up a container and carry it to your garden bit by bit.

The mum revealed that she got 150 litres of water from her tub, she said, “that’s 15 watering cans!”

Not everyone was convinced by the hack, one viewer jabbed: “Umm, is the soap and other chemicals good for the plants?”

But the mum assured viewers that she stopped using bubble bath deliberately.

Another viewer quipped: “That’s what we did in the 80’s heatwave!”

A third said: “I have having baths as they waste so much water but this is a brilliant idea!”

Whilst someone else suggested: “Better use would be washing your car, then can use your soap and stuff too.”

tiktok./@fortyfab0She used string to pull the hosepipe through the window[/caption]

tiktok./@fortyfab0Once the water started flowing gravity did the work[/caption]

tiktok./@fortyfab0The water then drained into the container[/caption]

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