BEING decked out in designer duds might be expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look expensive.

Fashion lover and style expert Frédérique Bros pointed out the seven luxury items she believes make you look cheap.

Frédérique Bros explains the seven designer items she thinks make you look cheapYouTube/Frédérique Bros

She says you should only ever wear one designer item at a timeYouTube/Frédérique Bros

Frédérique posted a YouTube video sharing her opinions on popular designer items you should avoid.

She captioned the video: “Do you love fashion? Think again! In this video, let’s dive into why some Fashion Designers’ LUXURY Items Make You Look CHEAP!”

Her goal is to stop you from looking “nouveau rich.”

The first of what she considers a style faux pas is wearing the famous Hermès belt with their Birkin bag.



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Frédérique explains that when she does wear this belt, the rest of her outfit is very plain.

“First of all, it doesn’t look good when it’s too matchy-matchy, and even if those items cost a lot of money, it’s too much. It’s definitely going to make you look cheap… and that you tried so hard,” she says.

In other words, only wear one fashion item at once.

According to Frédérique, the Gucci belt is next to go.

Not only are there way too many people wearing this, but there are too many fake ones out there as well.

“When you see fashion items like that, and you see everywhere, you want it, and when you want it, it’s already out of fashion,” she says.

She recommends investing in a good quality leather belt instead, and in her opinion, that would be the Hermès one over the Gucci.

Despite her fondness for the Cartier Love Bracelet, she has some issues with the concept.

A man may buy you the $10,000 bracelet because he loves you so much – but it has to be screwed onto your wrist, which doesn’t scream feminism to Frédérique.

She characterizes the gift as a symbol of possession as if your significant other is saying, “You belong to me.”

But she also doesn’t like how influencers tend to stack multiple of these on one wrist because it looks too “clinky.”

Frédérique believes you should stay away from the classic Gucci beltYouTube/Frédérique Bros

There are too many copies of popular designer items, which she thinks makes them not worth buyingYouTube/Frédérique Bros

Although she thinks the classic Balmain blazer is cut beautifully, she thinks it’s a little too “traditional” because it’s not straight.

“When you open a jacket like that, it doesn’t look good when it’s open. It looks like something flying in the wind, and again there are so many copies,” Frédérique says.

Frédérique believes Emilio Pucci’s blouses to be overwhelmingly colorful and over-expensive, making you look like a clown.

Plus, she’s seen copies in Zara.

While Frédérique adores the Louis Vuitton monogram bags, she doesn’t like the clothes that have the logo.

“I think when you wear a lot of logos on you, it looks really cheap,” she proclaims.

Costume jewelry is another no-no for Frédérique.

“Jewelry is beautiful when it’s good taste and minimal,” she believes.

If you want to wear costume jewelry, you need to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories simple.

Do not wear designer costume jewelry altogether, only one at a time.

Her last tip is to invest in a designer handbag if anything because: “It’s something you wear all the time, it’s practical, it elevates any type of outfit.”

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