BARTENDERS are known for their fast-paced moves slinging and serving up drinks behind-the-bar.

But one clever bartender has shared his trick for when he’s told by a patron that their drink isn’t strong enough.

One bartender has shared a hack for when customers complainTikTok

The video has more than 5million views on TikTokTikTok

Coach, who uses the handle @soberbartender19 on TikTok, shared the hack in a viral video.

“Teaching the rookie how to deal with ‘it’s not strong enough,’” the on-screen text reads.

The bartender is seen placing a full drink with a straw on the bar.

“Watch this,” Coach says to the bartender he appears to be training.

He then reaches for a bottle of liquor and pours some into the straw, likely giving the drink a stronger alcohol flavor.

The video has been viewed more than 5.2million times.

Viewers have mixed feelings on Coach’s hack.

“If you want it strong ask for a double,” one person commented.

“My favorite bar trick,” someone else wrote.

“I just used to flip the straw! Does wonders,” another commented.

“if no straw add a splash to the top of the drink,” another trickster wrote.

Others felt differently, saying they don’t wish to taste the alcohol in their beverages.

“I never understood this . I don’t wanna taste my alcohol,” one person said.

But one commenter appeared to have the ultimate advice for bar patrons.

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“I always go to the bar with cash and and make sure my first two tips are huge. That way my drinks are stronger and I get immediate service,” someone else wrote.

Coach responded: “Works every time.”

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