HAVE you ever found yourself spending an entire paycheck replenishing your makeup stock after it ran out?

With a simple hack you can get $125 worth of makeup from Walmart for as little as 35c.

TikTok account BrickSeek shared a money-saving hack for stores, including WalmartTikTok

TikTok account BrickSeek shared their useful hack for getting everyday items at bargain prices.

BrickSeek is a website and app that allows you to scan barcodes of items in stores such as Walmart and Target to get updated information on clearance prices.

If your discounted item scans at the original price at the register, you can request a price match with the app.

BrickSeek’s video shows a Wet n Wild Walmart haul, with all products costing just 3 cents each.

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The clearance makeup was from the Lilo & Stitch collection, including an eyeshadow palette which retails at $17.

The host of the video purchased three palettes as well as four bottles of setting spray mist, which normally cost $11 each.

Other products purchased in haul, which came to 35 cents total, include the $9 Flying High mascara, the $7 Chillin’ lip gloss, and two $9 sets of waterproof eyeliner.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the money-saving hack.

“I hate that my store never got this makeup. I wanted it so bad and I would have paid full price but I’ve seen people with hundreds for 3c, and I’m sad,” commented one viewer.

Another user wrote: “That’s cool, I got the pallet and blush set, full price at CVS.”

“Yes, I got the pallet, the lip gloss, the brushes, and beauty blender. They are so cute,” said a third person.

The BrickSeek app showed the host of the video buying $22 worth of setting spray for 6cTikTok

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