ACCORDING to an ex-employee, Walmart workers have valuable information hiding in plain sight.

Next time you shop, take a look at the associates’ name badges, because one woman claims they’re color-coded.

TikTokEx-employee Taylor said that Walmart’s nametags have a hidden meaning[/caption]

Facebook/Walmart RedmondShe said the yellow background on some badges has a secret meaning[/caption]

Taylor used to be a Walmart employee, and she used her TikTok platform to let shoppers in on exclusive employee secrets.

She talked about a color-coded system you might notice in stores, in a video that has now received 135k views.

“These are things that every customer should know,” Taylor said.

Pausing for a moment, Taylor let viewers take in her full uniform before pointing at her nametag.



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Her name was written on the tag on a yellow background.

“If Walmart associates have a yellow name tag, that means they’re under 18 years old,” she revealed.

While Taylor was under 18 when she took the video, she has surpassed the milestone since – and moved on from Walmart.

In the comments, shocked viewers asked follow-up questions about the bit of employee trivia.

“What color do they have if they’re older?” a curious viewer asked.

“It’s white instead of yellow,” Taylor replied. If you see a nametag with a solid-white backdrop, she claimed, that means the associate is over 18.

It’s worth noting that Taylor’s revelation contradicts some previous claims by other ex-employees.

One former Walmart worker mentioned yellow name tags in a Reddit thread, seemingly saying that everyone in their store had yellow tags.

But that wasn’t the most interesting information the ex-employee shared.

“On the back of every yellow badge that goes behind your nametag are codes for Walmart in emergency situations,” the anonymous worker claimed.

“They will announce it over the intercoms,” an ex-employee explained. “There are six or eight of them.”

They went on to say that at their former store, a Code Red was meant to warn employees of a fire, while a Code Black was a bomb threat.

Some of these policies may vary store to store, or region to region, while others will be the same nationwide. Be on the lookout next time you shop in Walmart.

The ex-employee has since moved on from the companyTikTok

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