ONE woman may not find herself on a first date again for a while.

After a not-so-private outing, Dani Arribere was left speechless by her date’s lack of shame in bringing a shocking third wheel.

Dani Arribere explains her worst date on TikTokTikTok

First-date jitters are inevitable, especially if you’ve never met the other person.

For Dani, it wasn’t so much the fact that she was on a first date, but the unexpected company that joined them.

Dani posted a TikTok explaining the whole story.

“This date happened last year, and I was actually set up by his mom,” she starts.



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Dani met the mother at a gig she played a year before the actual date.

She noticed the mom was wearing a beautiful big sun hat in the audience.

After the show, the woman approached her and said: “Hey, I have a son. I want you to be in the family. Go on a date with him.”

Before Dani went on a date with her 23-year-old son, they talked over Instagram.

“I didn’t want anything too fancy, so we ended up just meeting up at this little cafe,” she explains.

Dani goes on to say that the date was going well, and they were hanging out and getting to know each other.

But she was kind of distracted.

“I noticed that there was this lady wearing this beautiful beach hat behind him, and I’m thinking to myself ‘where have I seen this hat?’” she says.

Of course, it was his mom.

She was set up by a man’s motherTikTok

Because it had been a year since Dani had seen her, she didn’t realize her at first.

“I’m thinking there is no way, there’s no way, that this 23-year-old man has his mother right there,” she screams.

So, Dani asked him.

“And in all seriousness, he turns around and he goes, ‘yeah that’s my mom, I brought her,’” she recalls.

The mom proceeds to turn around and say hi to both of them.

“So I politely finished my food, ended up finishing the date with him, and his mother, thanked him for paying for my meal, said goodbye to the mom, and I ran. I ran so fast to my car,” Dani says.

Viewers not only joined Dani in her disbelief but admitted they had a similar experience.

“HE DID NOT OMG,” wrote one commenter, while another said: “I was in a 7 year relationship with my ex partner and his mother so I feel for you there,” bombarded the video.

Dani’s date ended up bringing his mom with himTikTok

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