THE battle between cyclists and drivers rages on in yet another video showing a huge row out on the roads.

Shot from the cyclist’s perspective using a helmet cam, the video shows why road rage is so dangerous.

NewsflareThis Fiesta driver was angry at the cyclist for not being in the cycle lane[/caption]

The video starts with the cyclist making their way along an urban road, despite a cycle lane being just to the left of him.

Before long a silver Ford Fiesta squeezes past on a narrow part of the road with parked cars on the other side and traffic coming the other way.

The cyclist shouts and says: “That wasn’t 1.5 meters was it mate,” as the car carries on up the road.

However, there’s queuing traffic up ahead and the Fiesta is forced to stop. The cyclist then pulls up alongside.

The cyclist says: “Is that how you overtake a cyclist? Too close boss.”

To which the driver replies: “There’s a cycle lane there you d***head.”

The cyclist tries to explain that it isn’t compulsory to use the cycle lane but the angry driver is having none of it.

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The driver tells the cyclist to get off the road and the cyclist says he’ll see the driver in court.

The car then moves off and the cyclist follows – catching it up again when it’s held up at some lights.



Cyclist with no helmet circles car in town screaming ‘where are you going?’


Cyclist refusing to ride in a cycle lane is ‘punishment passed’ by a van driver

That’s when round two begins, with the cyclist saying: “Will the handcuffs fit your wrists?”

The driver then tells the cyclist: “Go f*** yourself.”

The cyclist asks the driver to apologise but that’s clearly not going to happen, so he rides off up the road as the lights change.

The cyclist still refuses to ride on the cycle lane and as some traffic islands come into view.

The driver accelerates close behind, honks his horn and makes another close pass to intimidate him before driving off.

NewsflareAn initial close pass got the cyclist riled up[/caption]

NewsflareBut after two rounds of arguing the driver makes a second close pass[/caption]

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