FIRST dates can cause a bit of anxiety for people who might be nervous about saying all the wrong things.

One woman has advice for others who are interested in making the best first impression possible with the right conversation topics.

TikTokAn elegance coach reveals what women should and shouldn’t say on first dates[/caption]

GettyHer first top is to keep the conversation relevant without dredging up the past[/caption]

Elegance coach and TikToker Shruti Advani has three insightful tips to consider.

The first topic she covers is making sure that you’re keeping the conversation on track in a mindful way.

She says: “It’s a first date – not a free session of therapy. When they ask how you are, they mean how you are today…

“Not how you felt hurt when you were six years old and how you’re still dealing with leftover parental trauma.

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“Keep it short and keep it relevant.”

The next topic she covers is about ensuring that you don’t come across as a know-it-all.

She says: “You’re out with someone who’s looking to meet somebody and form a connection.

“They’re not looking for mentoring or help with their life. As tempted as you might be, restrain yourself from diving in with advice…”

The last topic she covers is about keeping it real since no one likes dealing with liars.

Shruti says: “Don’t pretend to be Cinderella if what you are is a princess.

“I’m not talking about ordering the most expensive thing on the menu.

Shruti also says to avoid sounding like a mentor with endless unsolicited adviceTikTok

She advises women to be as honest as possible on first datesTikTok

“If in real life you are a champagne and oysters kind of person, don’t get a sandwich and pretend that’s what you usually do.

“It’s akin to lying – and no one likes being misled.”

Several people have left responses in Shruti’s comment section on TikTok.

One person wrote: “I wish men would listen to this. Literally every date I go on, they think I’m a therapist or something.”

“First video I see from you and I love you already!” someone else added.

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