SHOPPING for pieces that flatter your frame has just been made easier, and it’s all in the details.

If you’re heavier on top and looking to find a shirt that will make your arms look slimmer, a personal stylist has revealed how.

TikTok/camelliajadeA personal stylist has revealed how to shop for tops that will make you look slimmer[/caption]

TikTok/camelliajadeA short-sleeved top with a straight across cut can make your arms appear wider and larger than they are[/caption]

“Next time you’re shopping for a top with sleeves, I want you to remember this one slimming trick,” fashion expert Camellia Spivey began in a social media video.

“When you see a short-sleeved top with a straight across cut, this can actually make your arms appear wider and larger than they are.”

She then explained that if your goal is to make your arms look thinner, you’ll want to find a top with a more flat sleeve that has a diagonal cut.

This will help your arms appear longer and leaner.

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You can apply the same principle to longer sleeves as well, according to Spivey.

Grateful for her fashion expertise, viewers in the comments section of Spivey’s video showed their appreciation.

“This is a great style tip!” wrote one.

“Love your posts, always true and on target,” added a second.

“Thank you!! I will look for that next time,” a third person said.

“Wow, I’m gonna try this!!”

“Didn’t know this. Thanks for sharing!”

“Wonderful tip!” a final person said.

TikTok/camelliajadeYou can make your arms look thinner with a top that has a more flat sleeve and a diagonal cut[/caption]

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