FASHION trends can seem to be geared towards a certain age group.

One TikTok mom argues that her age will not stop her from wearing booty shorts and crop tops despite trolls online.

S.Kirmani ignores trolls online and continues to dress how she wantsTikTok

She is a 36-year-old mom that wears booty shorts and tight dressesTikTok

S.Kirmani is a 36-year-old mom-of-two.

She posted a TikTok showing how she continues to dress the same even when people say she dresses inappropriately for someone her age.

The video shows three photos of her in three different outfits.

S.Kirmani captions the video: “When people say dress your age at 36.”

In the first clip, she’s wearing light jean booty shorts and a black crop top.

Her stomach is completely exposed, and the top of her chest.

In the second photo, S.Kirmani is wearing booty shirts again, but this time with a low-cut white, tight long-sleeve shirt.

In the final clip, she poses on the stairs in a tight latex black mini dress and matching thigh-high stiletto boots.

Viewers think she should continue to dress how she wants because she looks youngTikTok

Viewers disagreed with her previous haters and thought she looked great.

“You look amazing they are just jealous cause you look great keep doing you and dress like that,” one viewer commented.

Another person wrote: “There’s no dress code to enjoy life.”

However, one viewer thought that her complexion and body made her look younger than her age.

They commented: “I hear this too but ummm u don’t look 36 1st of all and 2nd ur just bomb so do u!”

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