THE itchiness caused by mosquito bites can be enough to make you want to avoid going outside for the rest of the summer.

A home expert has revealed her quick two-step method to relieving the itchiness of your bites.

TikTok user Brunch With Babs shared her handy trick to relieving itchiness of mosquito bitesTikTok

TikTok user Brunch With Babs shared a DIY hack for soothing mosquito bites.

“First, some warm sudsy water to wash the bite,” the home expert advised her followers.

She continued: “Next, take a spoon and let it run under hot water for just a few minutes, make sure it’s not too hot.”

“Place it on the bite and hold it for just a few minutes, it’s gonna break down the protein that causes the itchiness,” Babs explained.

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I’m a skin expert – soothe mosquito bites using things already in your home

“The bite’s gonna be there but it wont be itchy anymore,” the grandma concluded.

Babs’ followers took to the TikTok comments section to share their own hacks for relieving mosquito bites.

“Or you can just mark an X on it with your nail and not waste all that water,” suggested one viewer.

Another user wrote: “We use meat tenderizer mixed with a tiny bit of water. Feels soooooo good when you put it on.”

“Applying gel deodorant to a mosquito bite also works!” said a third person.

“A little bit of vinegar on paper towel works best!” recommended one of Babs’ followers.

Babs recommended using a warm spoon and soapy water to soothe your mosquito biteTikTok

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