INITIALLY reluctant to give her long-lost father a chance, Naomi Anderson hopes they can reconcile.

But things with Charles Anderson get out of hand and the Emmerdale newcomer is accused of assaulting him.

ITVCharles Anderson is found in his church unconscious by Manpreet Sharma[/caption]

ITVHis daughter Naomi is accused of assaulting him[/caption]

ITVBut is she really responsible?[/caption]

The village vicar portrayed by Kevin Mathurin recently tried to patch things up with his daughter (played by Karene Peter).

Unfortunately, Naomi refused to form a bond with him, later showing up in the Dales with money on her mind.

However, in scenes due to air next week, Naomi rocks up the village again after her brother Ethan (Emile John) asks her to give their father a second chance.

When an unreadable Naomi approaches him, Charles is relieved to see her agree to talk things through.

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Later on, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) hears an argument and heads towards the church.

Naomi is soon spotted upset and angry, bursting out of the door and walking away.

The GP doesn’t go after her but, instead, heads inside the church, where she finds Charles lying unconscious.

An ambulance is called over and, noticing there’s an emergency where she’d previously left her father, Naomi rushes to the church once again.

PC Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) – a former vicar – watches with concern as Manpreet tends to Charles.

Naomi is clearly shaken but Manpreet shouts at her, urging her to leave.

Ethan arrives at the scene but doesn’t know what to make of the situation.

Encouraged by Manpreet pushing Naomi away, Harriet arrests her on suspicion of assault.

While at the hospital, Manpreet and Ethan receive an update on the vicar’s condition – but do they receive good news?


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Manpreet is shocked and her traumatic past experiences with her sinister sister re-emerge.

Much to Ethan’s astonishment, Manpreet compares Naomi’s actions to that of serial killer Meena Jutla.

But is Naomi really responsible for Charles’ assault?

As mentioned above, she was appeared in no way interested in forming a bond with her father.

Naomi even lost her job at a bar following an altercation between Charles and her manager.

This led to her turning up in the eponymous village to ask for money before leaving again.

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Will Naomi and Charles ever reconcile?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

ITVCharles is taken to hospital[/caption]

ITVManpreet and Ethan receive an update on his condition[/caption]

ITVBut Ethan is shocked when Manpreet compares Naomi’s actions to that of serial killer Meena Jutla[/caption]

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