SHE wanted a stunning dress for a special occasion, and was happy to pay for exactly what she wanted.

But Delivia was left disappointed when the gown arrived – and looked nothing like the pictures.

Tiktok/@delivia_26The dress that Delivia wanted for her special occasion[/caption]

Tiktok/@delivia_26And the dress she received – which couldn’t have been further from what she wanted[/caption]

Tiktok/@delivia_26It looked slightly better after a tailor had worked on it – but still wasn’t wearable[/caption]

Tiktok/@delivia_26Even from the back it wasn’t what she was looking for[/caption]

Delivia began her TikTok video by showing images of the dress she had wanted, a gold sequinned gown with cold shoulder details, ruffles and a lot of sparkle.

But what Delivia received couldn’t have looked further from what she wanted.

It was more pink than gold, with huge pink ruffles, and the breast padding was far too big for her slim frame.

To add further insult to injury, the dress was far too long and the gold details were just on the waist rather than over the entire fabric.

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“This is wickedness, as if they didn’t take my measurement,” Delivia captioned the video.

“The way my jaw dropped,” one person commented on the video.

“The way I choked on air,” another added.

“When I tell you I shouted ‘BLOOD OF JESUS’ ehh,” a third wrote.

Someone else said that Delivia could save the dress, writing: “it just needs to be slim fitted and the neck aide it too wide. you can still save the dress. put on makeup, get bag, wear heels, and do your hair.”

She shared another video after taking the dress to the tailor, but admitted it still wasn’t wearable.

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“This was the best a tailor could do for me, it’s better now but I can’t wear it cause of the breast,” she captioned it.

“You are beautiful, but I agree with you can’t wear it,” someone commented on the video.

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