HORROR footage shows orcas attacking each other at the SeaWorld aquatic park in front of shocked visitors.

One visitor described seeing the pool filed with blood after two orcas sank their teeth into their fellow creature, as their daughter watched on crying.

Video shows three orcas in a tank at SeaWorld

Visitors watched on as one tried to beach itself to escape being attacked

The video comes after an orca at the San Diego park died of an infection after allegedly being held in a tiny tank where he was bullied by other whales for 20 years.

Nakai passed away on Thursday night despite the best efforts of veterinarians and health specialists at SeaWorld.

It’s unclear if the orca seen being attacked in the new video is Nakai.

Footage released by animal welfare campaigners PETA shows three orcas at the opposite side of the pool

The video appears to show the injured orca beaching itself to get away from the aggressors.



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A horrified child can be heard saying “I thought they help each other, not fight each other”.

The SeaWorld visitor told PETA that we “all immediately saw blood soaking the water” which triggered their nine-year-old daughter “to start crying”.

They described seeing “bite marks and fresh wounds all over the side of the whale”.

The witness said that “every couple seconds two more orcas would jump out of the water” to continue attacking the hurt orca.

PETA says it has now filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture about SeaWorld.

The organisation wants the USDA to investigate the park for Animal Welfare Act violations over housing incompatible animals together.

According to PETA this a practice the company has been warned against in the past.

“In two days, one orca has died and another has been attacked by other frustrated, closely confined orcas, resulting in a serious injury,” said says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

“And young children were witnesses to the carnage.”

She added that PETA “reminds families to stay away from any park that imprisons orcas or other animals.”

Nakai was born into captivity at SeaWorld in September 2001 and was the first of his species to be conceived through artificial insemination.

SeaWorld San Diego announced on Friday the 20-year-old died surrounded by carers who had worked closely with him over the last two decades.

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The park insisted that the wound was caused by the killer whale coming “into contact with a portion of the pool”.

SeaWorld have been approached for comment.

APNakai sadly died at SeaWorld San Diego after fighting an infection[/caption]

Ingrid N. Visser, Ph.D.The orca was horrifically injured at the park in 2012 after a suspected fight with another killer whale[/caption]

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