AN Aldi worker has lifted the lid on questions they get asked all the time, including why there are so little tills open.

TikTok user @_brooklyncooper_ uploaded a video claiming to reveal details about when she used to work in the supermarket.

TikTok/@_brooklyncooperTikTok user Brooklyn answered questions about her time working in Aldi[/caption]

Brooklyn claims she rotated around every job in the store during a shiftTikTok/@_brooklyncooper

She wrote: “Things I get asked as an ex Aldi worker.”

The first question Brooklyn gets asked is “did you get to just sit on the registers all day?”

Brooklyn claims that she got to rotate round “every job in the store” and wasn’t just putting food through the till each shift.

Next, she gets asked about why there is “only one register open” when customers are in the store. 

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Brooklyn said: “Cause there’s only 3 people [sic] working at one time.”

And the next most-asked question is why she gets paid so much to just “sit there.”

She answered: “Cause we worked our f***ing a** off.”

Some people who also claimed to be Aldi workers were quick to chime in, with one saying: “Literally!!”

Another added: “Haha all truths !!!”

Aldi is known as much for its speedy checkouts as its bargain prices, with customers forever trying to keep up with the high-speed price-scanning process.

But apparently, there’s a good reason why checkout staff is moving at a rapid pace, and it might not be what you think.

A former staff member made the claim on Reddit and explained their reason why, no matter which store you go to, Aldi cashiers work in overdrive.

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“You actually have to hit a percentage of 83% or higher on item per minute scanned,” they reportedly claimed.

Adding that management would “get upset” if you “didn’t get 95% or above.”

And apparently, at least according to this ex-staffer, if customers are loading the items too slowly, it brings down the staff member’s “percentage” – which just means they have some making up to do.

When this would happen, the former employee said they would “hit the suspend key at least once to pause the transaction” to maintain their record of 150% and less than 5% voids.

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They added: “Also, had to have less than three seconds when starting a new transaction. If you ever notice, they always put the item to be scanned by the scanner, then unsuspend it. You can get 0 seconds between customers.”

The percentage system seemed to throw some people off and many asked for clarification, according to Daily Star.

So to simplify it, they said: “The way I took it was: 60 seconds in a minute. If I scan 60 items in a minute, that should be 100%.”

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