A SELF-TITLED ‘Gypsy Queen’ has revealed the old-school way she gets rid of stains on white clothes.

Pashy Goldsmith, from the UK, wowed her followers as she showed the ‘gypsy way’ of cleaning your whites.

Pashy Goldsmith revealed some of her top gypsy cleaning hacks in a TikTok videoTikTok/@gypsyqueenpashy13

Pashy has become a viral sensation on TikTok, thanks to her honest and open insight into the traveller community and her handy cleaning tips.

The cleaning whizz recently shared a video demonstrating how she cleans white clothing that has been stained and tea towels.

Asked what her favourite gypsy cleaning hacks are, she revealed she always uses this method for whites and cleaning rags.

Pashy added that they never put tea towels in the washing machine as they are dirty.



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She added: “Same as the school clothes, the socks and things, to get them back white white, you have to boil them.”

Pashy takes a stained tea towel and submerges it into a pot of boiling hot water on the stove, and adds a salt and bleach.

She then lets the towel boil for twenty minutes to half an hour.

“Use an old saucepan, not a saucepan what you’re going to use for your food,” Pashy adds.

After your clothing or towel has soaked, make sure to give it a good rinse and it will come up good as new.

“And that’s how u clean your whites and rags gypsy ways are the best ways,” she captioned the video.

Pashy also shared another one of her favourite cleaning hacks.

“People always ask me what’s my best gypsy cleaning hack,” she said.

The cleaning whizz said her favourite gypsy cleaning tip was using newspaper and vinegar to clean mirrors and windows.

Viewers couldn’t wait to try Pashy’s cleaning hacks, one wrote: “Love your tips so interesting!”

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Another commented: “That’s a great tip thanks for sharing god bless.”

A third wrote: “Love these ideas definitely doing this now.”

Pashy revealed that boiling your whites was the best way to lift stainsTikTok/@gypsyqueenpashy13

TikTok/@gypsyqueenpashy13Viewers were blown away by how well Pashy’s hack worked[/caption]

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