HAILEY Bieber is considered a fashion icon with over 46.6 million followers on Instagram and a long history in the modeling industry.

One woman wanted to know if the outfits Hailey wears are suitable for women with larger body types.

TikTok/trendycurvyA woman named Kristina recreates an outfit worn by Hailey Bieber[/caption]

TikTok/trendycurvyShe wants to know what Hailey’s outfit will look like on a woman who wears size 18[/caption]

Fashion expert and TikToker Kristina posted a video about her experience mimicking an outfit worn by Hailey Bieber.

The major difference between Kristina and Hailey is the sizes they wear.

According to Celeb Health Magazine, Hailey wears a size two.

Kristina starts her video by saying: “[I’m] recreating Hailey Bieber’s look on a size 18.”

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The outfit in question is made up of a green bralette, neon biker shorts, and an oversized white T-shirt with buttons.

Hailey is also wearing white sneakers with a body chain and sunglasses.

Kristina says: “I don’t know what intrigued me about this outfit. I think it’s because these items really don’t go together.

“Somehow, she ends up not looking crazy! So let’s try it.”

First, Kristina puts on the neon biker shorts to get the look started.

She jokingly says: “You certainly can’t miss me in a crowd!”

Next, she puts on the green bralette that looks more like a sports bra in a similar shade.

She also adds the white button-up, white sneakers, body chain, and sunglasses.

She ends the video by saying: “I would never put these things together, but I don’t know! What do we think?”

Kristina shares the final results at the end of her Tiktok videoTikTok/trendycurvy

Several people responded in Kristina’s comment section about her outfit recreation.

One person said: “It looks way better on you!”

Kristina wrote back: “You are too sweet. Appreciate the compliment. We both wore it in our own ways.”

“Wow, this looks so good on you! Love it – cute and comfy,” someone else added.

A third user wrote: “I love it, OMG! I need the body chain.”

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“My OCD can’t hand the two different greens. However, seriously you look a million times better than her, girl! Flawless!” another TikToker said.

Someone else commented: “I honestly think it looks great on you, but then again… everything looks stunning on you!

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