SOMETIMES finding stylish outfits that you feel comfortable in and don’t flaunt your stomach is easier said than done.

Of course, just because you have a tummy doesn’t mean you can’t wear crop tops and bodycon dresses, but there might be better alternatives.

YouTube/SuppleChicTVSome styles will help hide your tummy better than others[/caption]

According to curvy fashion guru ChiChi there are some outfits that are best to avoid if you want to take attention away from your tummy.

She shared four of them and explained why they’re going to the opposite of what you want.

Avoid clothes that cut you off

Although low rise jeans might be making a slight comeback, you’re going to want to avoid them at all costs if you want to hide your stomach.

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ChiChi recommended opting for high waisted jeans instead, she said: “Move your waist up to your smallest point which is somewhere in between your bust and the top of your bellybutton.”

Ditch tight clothes

If your clothes are too tight around your midsection you’re going to draw more attention to that area.

“You want to wear pieces that skim, not pieces that stick,” ChChi explained.

Wrap tops and dresses are a great option because they will always flatter your shape without drawing attention to areas you might want to conceal.

Don’t wear boxy styles

In the same way that tight clothes are a big no-no, so are oversized, boxy silhouettes.

The fashionista explained that they make you look wider.

She said: “Instead opt for structure and vertical lines to help to make your middle section appear smaller.

“It may seem like wearing a baggy shirt or shirt dress is the right choice just because it’s comfortable, but the boxy nature makes your belly appear larger.

The wrong underwear

Although they’re under your clothes, wearing the right underwear is key to making an outfit look the best it can.

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If hiding your belly is the goal shapewear can be a real lifesaver.

“You want to opt for seamless, full coverage undergarments that have some light control,” ChiChi said.

YouTube/SuppleChicTVStructured designs will skim but boxy styles will make you look wider[/caption]

YouTube/SuppleChicTVThe right underwear can make a huge difference[/caption]

YouTube/SuppleChicTVHigh waisted jeans will always look better[/caption]

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