THE kitchen is the grossest room of your house, so when it comes to cleaning you may want to take extra precautions.

According to experts, a common household object can easily become a petri-dish for bacteria if you aren’t careful.

TikTok user Neat Caroline shared her kitchen sponge cleaning tipsTikTok

TikTok user Neat Caroline shared her tips for keeping your kitchen sponge free of bacteria.

“Clean your sponge every few days, pop it on the top rack of your dishwasher on a heated dry cycle,” the cleaning expert advised her followers.

She continued: “Avoid placing it in the microwave, this kills weaker bacteria but the strongest bacteria survive.”

According to The New York Times, experts have discovered microwaving your sponge kills weaker germs, creating additional breeding ground for potentially-pathogenic bacteria.

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Caroline also advised: “Swap out your sponges every one to two weeks, but if it starts to smell toss it sooner.”

“Make sure your sponge is nice and dry in between uses,” she told viewers.

The TikToker concluded her video with an additional money-saving tip.

“To cut down on waste, cut your kitchen sponges in half,” she said.

Caroline’s followers took to the TikTok comment section to share their thoughts on the cleaning advice.

“Oh snap. I’ve been microwaving them for years! Scary strong bacteria!” wrote one user.

Another viewer commented: “Great tip about cutting it in half!”

Caroline advised her followers to avoid using their microwave to clean their sponges as the strong bacteria still survivesTikTok

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